New Veterans Website: Education and Employment Resources

The State of Kansas announced a new website that will serve as a central, comprehensive resource for services that the state provides to veterans.

KanVet will connect veterans with higher education information and job searching tools designed specifically for veterans. The website address is

KanVet houses employment and education information in an easily navigable website with links to Kansas programs available for veterans.

Employment resources include information about KANSASWORKS, the KanSERVE program, opportunities with the Kansas Army and Air National Guard and explanations of other employment services. Education tools provide the ability to search for higher education programs for veterans at all Kansas Board of Regents universities and community and technical colleges.

Several agencies were involved in developing KanVet, including the departments of Commerce, Labor and Children and Families; the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs; Kansas Board of Regents, and the Kansas Adjutant General’s Office.