Free, Self-Paced Online Course from Cornell University: Make the Strategic Case for Disability in the Workplace

The following information is forwarded to you by the Great Lakes ADA Center ( for your information:

The Employment and Disability Institute at Cornell University in the ILR School Outreach Division has developed a free, self-paced course that provides the necessary tools to enable leaders to build a case within their organization on how inclusion of people with disabilities can add a significant advantage to the organization’s strategic plan.

Course Title: Make the Strategic Case for Disability in the Workplace

Target Audience: HR Practitioners and Managers with Employees (eg hiring managers)

Course Description:

With human capital development and the search for talent being one of the most pressing problems of businesses today, it’s imperative to consider all possible labor sources. People with disabilities represent a potential labor force of eager and exceedingly capable people who can strategically advantage your business. The focus of this course is how organizations can access the largely untapped talents of individuals with disabilities to meet the strategic objectives of their organization.

The course covers the following key areas:

· Why individuals with disabilities should be a part of a human capital strategy

· Myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities

· How to successfully recruit this talent pool

· Aligning these efforts with an organizational strategy and global imperatives

· How to get implementation in your organization

Course Length: Approximately 1 hour. This course is self-paced, start any time. There is no instructor engagement during course. Students complete online polls and a final quiz.