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Online Directory for Black Business Owners – Ujamaa Club

This is our agency’s online business directory that we use to refer our donors and supporters to for their needs. There are numerous directories online targeting Black businesses and we support; and recommend that you take time to list your business with as many of them as you can. This is merely our effort to increase our businesses listing ranks on Google and it provides us to sustain an enterprising youth opportunity whereas young brother and sisters can earn a few dollars as little sales reps for our agency by signing up Black businesses to the Ujamaa Club Business Network Directory.

It is our intent to grow our directory to include as many of the 1.9M US Black-Owned businesses as we can garner support from; which can then provide the bulk of our organizations annual operating capital. We do not want to be dependent on contributions, grants and the other strings that may come attached from big corporations and foundations.

As a business owner, you know that paid advertisement by any means are an allowable business expense that can be deducted on your taxes. So paying to be listed in our directory is a win/win/win; whereas you pay for a service that helps your business gain exposure online, an organization that fosters Black youth enterprise is the beneficiary of your financial support, and you can use that support to reduce your tax burden the following year.

Youth involved in our program are brought up close and personal with the computer as they create the online business profiles for subscribers, add those businesses to Google Maps across our sites and they are provided instruction on html, css and in building websites using WordPress. This is the extra win you get when you choose to support our organization by joining our directory or making a contribution.

No young person is turned away because of their race or ethnicity,; and we will accept any enterprising go-getter, but our efforts are maximized to empower young Black youth in the cities in which they live. Nor are non-Black businesses excluded from being in our directory. The reason is that Black youth must also know how to do business with others outside of our race and others need to come into contact with Black youth aspiring to be something other than a thugs, baller or criminal. In many instances, a Hispanic/Latino young person will have a better chance of subscribing a Hispanic, Latino or Mexican business to the directory; than Black youth. Just Keeping it Real…

It is often said that we must find a way to create opportunity for our youth stuck in some pretty mean streets. No matter how large the contributions given to traditional organizations by major corporations, foundations and banking institutions… the results are always the same; and as times get a bit rougher, we must become more a part of the economic solution. A perpetual solution.

Your annual support, sponsorship and commitment is the basis of our optimism as we look to the future.  If you have a son or daughter, niece or nephew, or just know some enterprising young brother or sister in your city; we want them to benefit from this initiative to create future leaders and productive citizens. In this regard, we need your help to make sure this opportunity we can provide reach both near; and far.

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