Tradebank Members: Advertising and Donations for the end of the year

501 SE Jefferson St Suite 10, Topeka Ks. 66607

Now is the time to start thinking end of the year. There are several things available through Tradebank that can help your bottom line.

We have several places that you can donate your Trade Dollars for a write-off on your Taxes. Here are the non-profit organizations who participate in Tradebank here in Topeka: Send Violet an email to move money to one or several of these clients. She will contact the 501c and have them send you a donation letter for your taxes.

  1. Topeka Rescue Mission: Housing the homeless, helping people get back on their feet.
  2. Dad the Family Shepherd: helps fathers connect with their kids
  3. IBSA Inc.: works with underprivileged kids. teaching them computer skills.
  4. Midland Hospice: Home Health Care
  5. Quincy House.: Helps homeless veteran get back on their feet.

Why not get a head start on your advertising for next year. We have several place you can advertise with and get a jump start on the new year….

Remember that you will get all your advertising COOPed 50% when you add the Tradebank logo on Print advertising.

On radio, you have to provide Tradebank office with a copy of the recorded ad at end of ad saying you’re apart of Tradebank. Call Violet for more details on COOP’s. As the Buyer of advertising you must ask for the addition of the Tradebank logo or saying to get the COOP money.

The Tradebank office must have a copy of all print or radio ads to submit to corporate for the COOP to be processed.

  1. AOZ Magazine : Amber O’Dell 785-217-4111

  2. Cumulus Broadcasting: Tom Sanchez 785-217-4111

  3. Kansas Koyotes: Nick Baumgartner (785) 383-4965

  4. Local Marketing Bus: Alan Parker 785-379-6069

  5. Metro Voice Topeka: Lee Hartman (785) 640-6399

  6. Metro Voice Kansas City: Dwight Widaman (816) 524-4522

  7. TA Hamilton Productions: Brent Weir (785) 260-6040

  8. Talon Communications: Kevin Doel (785) 554-5336

  9. The Country Parson: Scott Perkins (405) 880-0901

  10. TK the Business Magazine: Tara Dimick (785) 217-4836

  11. Topeka Coffee News: Linda Jordan (785) 241-1843

  12. Topeka Night Out: Stacey Davis (785) 231-9524

  13. Twilight Productions: Dan Lindquist (785) 231-9774

  14. United Mobile Connect: Monte Cutshall (785) 231-6990

  15. Wren Radio: Frank Chaffin 785-224-0231