Growing a foundation of technology in neighborhoods often left behind…

Below are pictures of the most recent accomplishment built off of the energy and determination to bring Internet access via wireless networks to low-income individuals and neighborhoods.

In 2006, a wide-area wireless network was only an idea in my head. Six years and one Google Fiber later the idea moved into implementation mode. Earlier this year the Wi-Fi envisioned for this NE Wyandotte County area became a reality thanks to the support and cooperation between the KCK Housing Authority and a partner organization (Connecting for Good) that had the technical expertise using wireless technology not based on the Google Fiber.


The next step after ensuring this neighborhood was eligible to receive Google Fiber (pre-registration rally) was to bring connectivity to this neighborhood and institute some sort of computer technology center or hub in the neighborhood for those that were not residents of Juniper Gardens public housing development. A facility that could house tech-based programs that go from basic to more advanced instruction and other services and activities to build off of the tech and entrepreneurial excitement taking place in the Greater Kansas City area. Now, thanks to the vision of the KCK Housing Authority, that purchased and renovated a nearby building, this step is now a reality.


Connecting for Good through its leadership configured and installed computers for the center and will be initiating their digital courses; as well as refurbishing used computers and in the future, teaching area residents to do such. It can only get better from here!

In 2014, our organization (IBSA) plans on finally initiating our youth tech-based IT / Enterprise program to instruct area young people interested in technology on building websites with WordPress, basic-to-intermediate coding (HTML, CSS) and salesmanship. This program model will allow us to instill soft-skills, work ethic and a sense of business experience that leads to them earning money; based off of the skills they acquire through our Streets University programming.

The efforts to increase technological expertise by IBSA, our contractors and associates in Kansas City area is an ongoing process and is based off of following the Playbook formulated by the Mayoral Bi-State Innovation Team (MBIT).Especially those areas that will address the digital divide by focusing efforts on projects and programs that work towards digital inclusion, restoring hope and seeding in unique opportunities for youth, adults and entrepreneurs in the area.

Stay tuned for more positive developments we hope to launch in partnership with other visionaries and next year we promise to bring you even more exciting news on progress being made in KC; and beyond..

Kansas City Digital Divide Data: Produce by Google, Inc.

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