Small Business Special – Topeka, Kansas City & Lawrence Kansas Only*

Want to increase your listing rank on Google?

If so, we invite you to take advantage of our online business directory that will often place your business at the top of a location-based Google search.

As our directory is programmed for maximum ‘search engine optimization’, is best serves as a ‘gateway‘ to your existing website via your listing profile in our directory.

At $80.00 per year for a BASIC listing or $120.00 for the PREMIUM, the place you want your business to come up on search engines is within the first three pages; if not the first. And as a Kansas, Oklahoma or Missouri business you are provided free listing in these directories when you join our US SmallBiz directory. Combining the two active listings as a proven means to push your business name and listing to the top of search engines.

You don’t have to use us build you a website for this service and you certainly don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per month or quarter to get the same results!

For the price of business cards that may run out before years-end or a year of webhosting,,, our directory listing opportunity can help you reach your target market in the most cost-effective manner.

Currently, one or more new businesses register with our online directory every day, which is why we want to encourage you will join them in order to increase your business presence on the World Wide Web.
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