Teens Ready for Work! Workplace Readiness Training Seminars…..You can host at your site!


Summer time is right around the corner and most young people (HS Seniors to age 21) are seeking employment opportunities. It’s a struggle…..but are they prepared for what lies ahead when applying and interviewing for employment?

Did you know most employers utilize a web-base interface to "screen out" applicants who do not meet scoring metrics during the online application process? It’s more than just having a resume and charm! Let Scholar Smarts! give your youth tips to succeed.

Many of you have worked with me before or heard of Scholar Smarts! success stories. Our mission is to Enrich, Employ, and Empower.These sessions are designed to "bridge the gap of youth opportunities and the tools necessary to be a successful employee".

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Teens ready for Work!Training Seminars consist of 2 three hour training sessions; day 1 and day 2. Curriculum includes hands on activites, interactive learning, technology, and personal development training.

Main Topics include:
Electronic Resumes, Digital Pre-Screen Assessments, Background and Drug screening, Dress the Part, Workplace Ethics, Customer Service, Technology in the workplace, Mock Interview, Paychecks and responsible budgets.

Note: Training sessions will requre participants to be familiar with computer software and have proficient keyboarding skills. Participants should be graduating HS Seniors to 21years old.

Fees are per participant for the two day training sessions. Several organizations have sponsored students to defray out of pocket costs. Also, if your location has internet access but does NOT have computers, we can provide Google Chromebooks (Google docs) for no additional charge but there is a limited supply.

What’s Next?If you are interested in having your School, Youth Group, or organization host these informative inter-active seminars , please respond as soon as possible via email or phone. Request a registration packet. Deadline is April 29, 2014. Please review the attached flier for additional information.

Kind regards-

Pauline Eatmon-Johnson, Consultant and Owner
Scholar Smarts! LLC
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