Reminder: 2014 Midwest Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship

Second Annual Midwest Symposium on
Social Entrepreneurship, May 19-20

Kauffman Foundation joins with UMKC, USASBE to host Kansas City event

Over the last two decades, we have witnessed an expanding interest in social entrepreneurship – a movement that crosses the boundaries of the business, nonprofit, and public sectors, and is rapidly growing. The Second Annual Midwest Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship offers a forum to continue the advancement of social entrepreneurship thinking, teaching, and practice; promote an exchange of knowledge and experience; and facilitate a discussion among business and nonprofit practitioners, teachers and researchers, funders, and others interested in sharing and shaping ideas and learning focused on promoting successful social entrepreneurship. Those interested in advancing their understanding of social entrepreneurship are invited to attend the 2014 Midwest Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship on May 19-20.

This highly interactive symposium includes the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops developed and delivered by leading faculty in the emerging field of social entrepreneurship. The symposium will also allow its participants to tap into the existing experiences and expertise of those living, breathing, and supporting social entrepreneurship. Workshops include:

• Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
• Measuring the Impact of Social Ventures
• Funder’s Perspectives on Social Entrepreneurship
• Social Intrapreneurship
• Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship

The Symposium begins Monday morning, May 19, at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO, and concludes the afternoon of May 20 at the the Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 5110 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO.

The afternoon of May 20 includes a business plan competition showcasing socially entrepreneurial initiatives developed by students participating in The Aaron L. Levitt Social Entrepreneurship Challenge.

The Kauffman Foundation and the University of Missouri-Kansas City are co-sponsoring the event in collaboration with the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).

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NOTE: The workshops described in the Symposium Program Schedule are open to all Symposium registrants. Five of the nine workshops are being offered in conjunction with the innovative USASBE Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship Program. This initiative, currently presented through a collaboration among USASBE, the University of Notre Dame, and UMKC, is designed to be of value to educators interested in teaching courses and participating in other programs on social entrepreneurship, as well as to principals and consultants interested in the planning and implementation of social ventures.