Kansas City Artist: Kathy Colon

I have been exhibiting art publicly since 1999 at the first annual La Strada del Arte

Festival at the Liberty Memorial in KCMO. La Strada has allowed me the opportunity

to create a 10′x10′ street chalk drawing over an entire weekend public festival. Kathy

has a twin sister, Karen White, who has the same artistic ability. Other large

community street chalk drawings followed by participating in the La Strada del Arte

Festival at Union Station in Kanas City, Missouri, the Wildflower Festival in

Richardson, Texas, and the Columbia Festival of Arts in Columbia, Missouri. As an

acclaimed air brush artist, I was commissioned for one month to airbrush on 6′x 4′

canvases at the Texas State Fair in 2005. I have artwork displayed at the YWCA, and

at Crown Center in the Gifted Hands Art Shop.