2014 Summer Youth Program Overview – IBSA Streets University


During the month of June & July we have been working with 6 really awesome young people from our Topeka community. We commend them for taking time out of a busy summer and spending it with us to explore and learn something new; especially things that will make them better students and more technologically literate for the changing world we have come to know. More importantly, we appreciate and thank the parent(s), relatives and friends that have encouraged them to participate and give our efforts their best shot. Summer activities come to an end in a few weeks.

Over the last eight weeks we have received a lot of verbal support and thanks to the few companies listed below, we also receive some financial support to obtain some of the immediate tools and resources we needed to give the best program and instruction possible. We thank these companies and all that have supported our efforts either financial or in-kind….

  • Westar Energy – $500.00
  • Topeka Chamber Foundation – $1,000
  • Go Topeka, Economic Partnership – $954.00
  • Fore Our People Foundation – $100.00+ +In-kind

Normally, a three-month coding program has a starting tuition around $5,000; which can go up and beyond $11,000 (depending on the city you are in). So, even attempting such a program with busy minded youthful thinkers (and limited staff support) I learned a lot about engaging youth on technology in ways that they learn; and retain what they have learned. Something you can’t really put a price-tag on!

Thanks to the recent donation of used desktop computers from the Capitol City Plaza, we want to make sure these students can stay involved in ongoing activities whereas they can continue to earn money and reach their goal of securing 25 program sponsors. As each reach their goal, they earn the opportunity to get their own laptop, iPad or notebook tablet. So far, each student did attain one or more competency levels necessary to complete certain tasks that can ultimately earn them ongoing income based off of the skills they have learned over the summer. Such as creating online business profiles for our agency and identifying/adding keywords/categories to profiles in order to increase their business rank on a Google search.

It is our desire to refurbish three of the computers donated by Capitol Plaza Hotel to send home with these students who dedicated their time and talent this summer to learning code, business principles, time management & goal setting, and basic salesmanship. Four would be even better!

What’s needed for these computers are:

1) 150GB Hard drive ($50 each)

2) Wireless USB adapter ($15.00 each)
so they can go online and cmplete assignments over a home wireless network, and

3) USB keyboard & mouse (bundle) ($15.00 each)

In all, the cost for these three items is $80.00 (less any tax or shipping) but unfortunately these are also costs we cannot immediately afford to cover at this time before school begins; considering the limited contributions we have received, as noted above.

If you would like to contribute to the purchase of these items, or would like to make the purchase and then donate them to the cause, we thank you in advance. There are other costs we were not able cover for this summer session, but we did a lot with less, and will learn from any missteps for the next go-round; which is how most good programs often have to start out. During the school year, these student are encouraged and welcome to continue participating and are invited to attend workshops this fall on basic video production & editing for small businesses & nonprofits.

Program Attendance & Participation
We started with (7) young people and only lost one due to other personal and family commitments; which is not bad for a group tech-program that could seem difficult and one that has never been tried in Topeka at this level.

Let’s face it, young people will not keep attending or participate in programs or activities they find no interest in, that they find boring and that they see no relevancy for in their immediate or future life. Attention spans during the summer months for youth is often short, with a variety of programs and activities vying for that attention. So I think their group attendance rate, participation level, willingness to learn a technical skill and hopefully an increased self-confidence is very commendable by any program standard.

Instruction & Activities Learned This Summer
US Small Biz Online Directory’s
Streets U Email
Salesmanship: Verbal &7 Non-verbal Communication

If interested in contributing to our effort to fix-up three desktop computers for students leaving our summer session, click either link below in order to contribute on or offline. No amount is too little.

*Donations and contributions are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law and the federal IRS Code

Print Donor Form (Mail in Payment)

Contribute Online

Sponsor a Specific Student
Kaleya S, Alexas C, Dayton C, Austin C, India B, or Mecca C,
Student profiles coming soon…

We thank you in advance for your support to IBSA, Streets University and the youth/young adults participating in our activities aimed at inspiring another generation of computer scientist, business and community leaders.


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