Tomorrow Always Comes… Even to Ferguson

I laid low on expressing my feelings to what happened and what’s going on in Ferguson, and after a week of observation I come to this conclusion. Not to be offensive, but I want to state my perspective based off living in this country, travel abroad and conversing with many across ethnic lines,.

First off, the young brother will not be coming back to life, so now all we can do is look to the future. The looting will end, investigations will commence and an outcome eventually will be had. It may not be what either side wants, but there will be a conclusion plaid out in Ferguson. Whatever the conclusion the need to move ahead, forward and beyond will still be the final run. To some it may sound nationalistic, segregating or angry but ultimately, the writings for self-sufficiency is all over the wall.

No one needs to fear self-help if is solves an elusive problem. Actually, Black efforts to help themselves is not only the only strategy that can produce results; it can be seen by others as the only real solution to the Black problems in America.

In complex locks you have to tweak and move a variety of tumblers and there come a moment when you get it right and they all just ‘fall into place’. As a people we have gone through a lot, each challenge like a tumbler falling into place. Even the bad is a tumbler that had to be moved in order to move onto the next; not guaranteed to be the last. Often we want quick results and people are tired, frustrated, feeling hopeless and many feel alone in what seems like a never ending struggle, battle, war, etc…

Contributions by big companies to Black nonprofits has not worked. Faithfully paid membership dues to large traditional organizations has not helped. The political machine has not helped. A few Black folks making it in business, entertainment and athletics has not helped. All the degrees and certifications achieved has not helped. You get the drift?

Not even Jesus can force Black Americans to use their $1Trillion spending habit in ways that becomes the rope, safety net or ladder to begin an ascent to higher ground! So, the thought of just praying away our problem is not a strategy and those who fills ones head with such should be avoided at all cost.

There’s a saying that ‘nothing beats a miss but a try’. When an idea is thrown out there we have to go through the drill; naysayers, debate, pontificate, argumentation, denial of facts and eventually the break down (or off) of communication. No progress. That’s not how real progress takes place. There’s this thing called ‘agreeing to disagree’ that we don’t understand too well. We all have disagreements but that should never end discussions; if anything it should open that moment whereas we find where we can work together for a common cause and solution. If we love our country it is in the best interest that we find ways to fix problems rather than run from them. It does not work to ignore ideas not our own only to miss seeing a bigger picture that lasts longer than our lives. And as sure as night will turn to day, we will all die one day, so doing nothing has a long term effect that has long term ramifications. Here we have found ourselves living and struggling with the consequences of doing nothing of substance and it is playing out for the world to see; and our children to bleed.

But, let’s rejoice on one thing, we are all given a second chance and it comes in the form of what we call ‘tomorrow’.

Each tomorrow gives us a chance to do something, learn more, apologize, come to terms and to take risk; knowing failure is an option. But from all failures come the seed to a future success. What happened in Ferguson is a seed, maybe the last tumbler needed to open a door to do what no other incident could do?. It has opened wounds that can’t be easily closed or ignored. Maybe a tourniquet is the fix and maybe an amputation is required, but ignoring the sore, swelling, stench and puss is no longer an option; and this is a good thing.

To a military mind, a targeted strike is always better that a shot in the dark. I think the target is clear and apparent… what you (we) gonna do is the challenge we are now presented with?