Fall & Winter Youth Income Opportunity with Shades of Color

icon-header-ladies.pngFall Gift Ideas

It’s coming up on that time of year where people will be purchasing holiday greeting cards, calendars and gifts for friends, family and loved ones. As part of our mission, we encourage and promote youth entrepreneurship and often seek out companies we can work with to create a real opportunity for enterprising young people to make a little money.

IBSA has teamed up with Shades of Color this year to offer interested youth a chance to do just that. By ordering products from youth involved, they will earn a commission off of each product they sell. For example; if they sell…

One Woven Tote Bag retailed at $22.00 they will earn $7.00

One Bible Bag retailed at $28.00 they earn $10.00

One Wall Calendar at $15.00 retailed at $15.00 they will earn $5.00

There are many items to choose from, so the chance for them to be successful is high. More often than not, this is an opportunity for a nonprofit to make money as a fundraiser, but we choose to make it an opportunity for young, enterprising youth to learn professional salesmanship skills; and make a few dollars in the process.

*We have set a goal of each student to sell at least $100 worth of products (or 25 orders) to assure they take full advantage of the opportunity presented.

We invite enterprising youth in middle & high school that are truly motivated to make make money to signup and be part of our Fall Income Opportunity Program by contacting our organization by calling or sending us an email. After meeting with them and a parent/guardian, and completing our program registration form we will work with them to develop a sales strategy, learn product availability and timelines, and understand the paperwork involved to take orders and process them.

Thank you in advance for giving this opportunity consideration and for helping those youth involved by buying products from them this year.

About Shades of Color


Shades of Color is a Black owned business dedicated to bringing you the highest quality African American gifts available. The company was started in 1995 as a means of filling the void that existed within the calendar and Black gift business. Our mission is to bring positive images of African Americans to homes and offices everywhere.