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Kansas Small Business Directory is a business promotions resource for small women, minority and disadvantage enterprises located in the State of Kansas. We make no representations or warranties about listed businesses and are not responsible for the accuracy, policies and practices of sites that are linked to our online directory or its users. We urge you to consult the policies available on those sites to further understand their offers, products, services or practices. Directory listing fees may vary on a state-by-state basis.

Choose specific categories based on ethnicity (Black-Owned, Hispanic / Mexican-Owned, Native -American-Owned, Etc…) or Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned… We also offer a special opportunity to boost search rank for businesses that are clients to Tradebank International. Other state-directories are available for a more targeted listing.

The KSBD operates off of proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) protocols to ensure our site and its listings rank high for general, location-based searches online. Additionally, businesses that subscribe are also listed in our parent directory; US Small Business Directory for free. Both listings, its information and any documents, videos or Google Maps will stay intact as long as the annual listing fees are paid. Fees are nominal at $120.00 per year and we also can produce professionally edited small business promotional’s to embed on your website, share on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The US Small Business Directory family of online listings is owned and managed by IBSA, Inc. a nonprofit organization based in Kansas. IBSA is a veteran training & service provider that assists low-income individuals, families and youth obtain employment, training or the skills to enter the workforce and earn gainful wages. Other services and programs are to promote entrepreneurship through business and enterprise development and support services.



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