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#GivingTuesday is the day people of goodwill are asked to donate online to help support their favorite nonprofit groups and causes they care about. I support the agency I work for year-round, and here are a few reasons I think you should too!

IBSA, Inc. started back in 1993 and has since been recognized by Mayors and Governors from both sides of the political spectrum for community service, leadership, advocacy, our work with low-income youth, adults, job-series’s, startup business owners, ex-offenders and a few others I am probably forgetting.

Today, there are policies that help advance causes of equity and diversity in hiring, business, education because IBSA is not just one to provide training & services, but also advocacy. Advocacy is that necessary function good organizations do to make things happen when all else fails, to get things done when others remain silent and to get public policy added, deleted or changed for the strength of the public good.Youth Learning & Technology Center in Topeka KS

For many businesses, this is the season they make most of their sales, revenue, profits and for grassroot nonprofits like IBSA, this is also the time of year they seek to get a boost as they leave the old year behind; and plan for next years events, activities, programs and progress.

As one of many worthy groups making positive change in communities I ask for your support to IBSA this year. We are not a traditional agency because ‘tradition’ just seems to move to slow; while problems that could be addressed keeps lingering on. In some instances they just keep getting worse.

But, as the saying goes ‘quitters never win and winners never quit’

List of Needs: 2015

WordPress Theme Upgrade#GivingTuesday You can make a difference on December 2, 2014

PHP Business Directory Upgrade

1-Year Broadband Service

1-Year Office/Classroom Rent

1-Year Office Supplies
(paper, copier/printer ink)

#GivingTuesday Goal: $5,749.00

Most expenses are paid for with funds generated from programs and service fees, or from projects delivered on a fee for service basis. These expenses include utilities, insurance, wages, equipment upgrades, phone service, travel, and other.

I have set my goal to securing at-least $10 from 1,000 friends, family and strangers that feel like investing in me, our organization and those wanting to add their name to a growing list of people that desire common-sense solutions to address pressing community problems. If you know me, you know I’m not one to quit when the going gets tough.

You can make your donation:

online through this weblink,

request a


choose to

Since 1993 IBSA has remained in good standing in the State of Kansas and with our IRS tax-exempt status since 1995. Although $10 may not get you much of a tax-deduction, collectively it will assure we meet our targeted goals in 2015.

Thank you in advance for your support this #GivingTuesday Dec. 2, 2014

To find out how you can support our efforts in ways besides giving, contact us…

Lazone Grays

IBSA, Inc.
629 SE Quincy
Topeka, KS 66603
(785) 422-0761
(913) 735-4272

IRS Tax-Exempt