Kansas Statewide Broadband Initiative


The Kansas Department of Commerce continues to seek your feedback as to what you are doing online in a twenty-minute survey. Our goal is simple – to uncover how our businesses are utilizing the Internet and its tools so we can better help each and every business thrive in 2015 and beyond.

Kansas’ economy is increasingly dependent on Internet-enabled business and we are sending you this annual survey as part of our ongoing efforts to foster business and community development throughout Kansas and in your community.

In order to understand and to help address these challenges, the Kansas Department of Commerce is partnering with Kansas communities, government officials, the private sector and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to analyze the changing nature of our broadband footprint and to encourage Kansans to use the internet to help grow our economy.

Kansas Statewide Broadband Initiative


Local Technology Planning Pilot project will help communities develop strategic plans for broadband


Broadband conference will be held Jan. 20 and 21 in Overland Park


If you have any questions about the survey please email sng.

Stanley Adams
Program Director
Kansas Department of Commerce
Statewide Broadband Initiative