I met this great man while volunteering at Million Man March Headquarters in Washington, DC

Black Men In America

By Harold Bell

Legendary vocalist Frank Sinatra’s classic rendition of “My Way” best describes the life and times of D. C. businessman Ed Murphy.

Murph was born in Raleigh, North Carolina but grew up in Washington. D.C.  He attended Shaw Middle School and graduated from Cardozo High School.

After graduation he enlisted in the United States Army where he received an honorable discharge in 1950.  Murph returned to his DC hometown to embark on his life-long dream of establishing a business in the heart of the inner city.

He was known on the streets as “Eight Ball” because of his love for the game of Billiards (pool).

Murph was the black community’s Donald Trump without the pedigree, bankroll, education and business background.  Trump’s father was a New York real-estate developer and Trump was educated at the famed Wharton School of Business.

Murph had a Ph.D. earned the hard way, on…

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