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Kansas Small Business Directory Online

Did you know that listing your business in online directories is one of the best ways to drive those searching online for products & services like yours to your website?

A basic internet search will back this up, so this shouldn’t be a hard sell, but people are often skeptical when we approach them about the Kansas Small Business Directory & US Small Business Directory to help increase their business.

Besides listing and promoting your business across all social network mediums, we work to take the mystery out of search-engine algorithms, spiders, bots and indexing; so that a business owner can focus on what they need to be doing best; making/selling products and/or providing their great service. The great thing about online directories is that they are highly indexed by those pesky bots & spiders no one ever sees, and they are often indexed on a daily and constant basis.

Kansas Small Business Directory

Today’s internet shopper is more savvy than they were twenty years ago and therefore keywords have become very important as well as their reliance on location-based searches. People looking for a particular item or service may not know a businesses name, but they do know what they are looking for and the location (city or state) that they would like to find it. Online directories generally allow for its administrators to add keywords that can increase your profile in their directory in being found; which then helps to drive interested customers to your website. The KS SmallBiz directory also automatically recognizes the city you are in, so that there is no need to extend any effort navigating to any particular city.

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1st Page on Google when searching for a woman-owned business in Topeka


KS Small Business Directory Screenshot
1st Page on Google when searching for a woman-owned janitorial business in Topeka

As a not-for-profit organization, we don’t price our directory to make a huge profit, but we do maintain it as a marketing tool and promotional resource to help drive customers to businesses that support our charitable efforts. For $120.00 per year you can list your business in our Kansas Online Directory and we will add your business information for free to our US Small Business Directory or Ujamaa Club Network; both of which serving as an additional SEO Booster when it comes to online search engines and algorithms they use.

KS SmallBiz Directory Screenshot
1st Page on Google when searching for a Hispanic supermarket in Topeka

If you think our offer is of interest to you and you want us to help promote your business to over 80,000 (and growing) potential customers throughout our social media network, contact with us by email or phone to get more information or to set an appointment to learn more. We would love to have your business listed and as a matter of fact; it is standard for us to make referrals of business to our supporting members, clients and partners.

Kansas Small Business Directory

(913) 735-4272 (Technical Assistance)

(785) 383-3729 Phillip Vallejo (Account Executive)

Special Categories:

Midwest Barter Exchange, Tradebank of Topeka & Wichita, Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned

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Ujamaa Club Business Network

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