Don’t underestimate the computer logic that now drives the Net…

According to US Census data, there are over 8,000 businesses in Topeka KS, so our immediate goal is to get as many of them listed in our Kansas online directory as possible. Then we can focus our efforts on another city, and then another, and another… In a methodical process, we aspire to list as many small businesses located in Kansas as possible.

Although this may sound like an impossible task, with time… many things are achievable.

Remember when the ‘phone book’ was the place people looked for businesses? Well, today it is searching on Google using a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Plus, these searches are done in ways that produce the best results for the end-user. Sophisticated and internet savvy computer users now search by product/service+location; and maybe (probably) some other variable.

Let’s say I’m looking for a woman-owned photographer or hair salon in Topeka or a hair salon…. By using these terms or phrase, search-engine algorithms will sift through the millions of women owned photography or hair salon businesses throughout the worldwide web and deliver search result to primarily include just those located in Topeka first.

Don’t underestimate the computer logic that now drives the Net…

More important is that we offer a very cost-effective listing that is very affordable when compared to other costly expenses to run a business i.e. monthly cellphone, utility, feeding yourself or getting gas to make errands. Consequently, none of these other costs of doing business will increase your online business presence or assure a top-level gateway to your business or website on any major search engine.

So, as we push forward to grow a presence and increase the ranking for the many small businesses located in cities across our state, we are going to have fun doing it. As each business owner commits to supporting our organization by listing their business, their support is also providing us an unparalleled opportunity to bolster the local economy by empowering youth and adults. Our direct effort to increase wages is by paying those motivated to learn & earn to create the profiles in our directory.

This is our small way of addressing the high unemployment rate faced by many urban & rural youth, adults and families.