IBSA Goals for 2016

Provide more tech instruction in WordPress and its functions, technical and career advice & access to equipment to actively participate in our Streets University activities.
Work with more 1st-time juvenile offenders that are referred by court services, by providing the opportunity to complete their court-ordered community service hours working in our offices. (office/tech/clerical work)
Provide new & gently used suits, slacks, shirts and ties to men referred by agencies and organizations that are helping them get back to work. (Partnership with Men’s Wearhouse)
Offer one NCCER trade skill course that lead to respected credentials; to include OSHA, CPR and Lead-Safe Work Practices Certifications.
Serve as a worksite for workers eligible to participate in TANF and VR Services or the SER Program for those aged 55 and older. Helping to fill gaps in employment, build their resume, assume personal responsibility and learn or hone office, phone, clerical and social skills.
Some positions may be subsidized with federal funds. Digital Life Skills & Literacy Training to effectively use a computer, its various software applications and utilizing cloud-based technology is provided.
Signup 1,000 small business & nonprofit sponsors, and pay our young tech students to add them to our collective of online directory’s.
Help setup business social network accounts, and promote/market these sites across social media networks such as Facebook & Twitter.
Complete a Digital Storytelling Project by producing one short and affordable video for 1,000 small businesses & nonprofits. These segments of video promotional’s will be shared across known and local social media networks.
Complete two ‘wide-area wi-fi mesh networks’ in a low-income Shawnee County Kansas neighborhood.
Collaborate with other like-minded organizations, students and the business community to create a Microsoft Certified Computer Refurbishing Center whereas income-eligible families living in a public wi-fi neighborhoods can come purchase systems or have them serviced. (training opportunity for neighborhood young adults & youth)
Support the activities of other fearless nonprofits making a direct, active and economic impact in the community.
Advocate for specific supplier diversity policies that will serve to reduce the statistically significant procurement disparities that’s ongoing in local/state govt, and push to the forefront new ideas and efforts to reduce them. [unfinished business]
Advocate for specific workforce diversity policies that will serve to reduce the statistically significant unemployment disparities that’s ongoing in local/state govt, corporations and agencies that receive large amounts of public funds. The goal is to push the issue to the forefront, and help build new employment pathways to increase workforce diversity in govt and when/where public funds are used. [unfinished business]
Outreach & Manpower
  • Contracted Professionals
  • Authorized Partner Agencies
  • Formal Branch or Chapter
  • Paid Staff (including employees)
  • Volunteers, Community Service & Interns
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