Your students can build their own apps (and more)

This was a banner year for computer science. Millions of students worldwide have experienced CS for the first time, thanks to this teacher-led movement


Because it’s never too early to prepare for fall, and because every CS educator is also a student, here are some new resources and tools from you may want to check out:

App Lab (for High School or Middle School)

Do your students want to build apps? Are some of them ready to code without blocks? With App Lab, students can switch between blocks and text to build and share their own simple apps. Check it out:


The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design an app in the browser with no install. App Lab makes it easy to code simple games, puzzles, or even productivity tools—whatever your students dream up. Learn more at the App Lab website (don’t miss the video intro!).

App Lab is more advanced than our other tools. If you’re new to coding, it has helpful videos and tutorials, but you may want to see all our options for new teachers instead.

Awesome workshops, at no cost! (for Elementary School teachers) offers guided introductions to teaching K-5 computer science through free, high quality workshops. Thousands of teachers have taken them; our average rating is 4.8 out of 5.

These workshops are led by experienced facilitators in locations across the US. Attendees will receive all the materials they need to teach, free of charge.


Elementary school teachers: sign up for a workshop in your area this summer!

(If you’re outside the U.S. or not an elementary school teacher, try the online version.)

Teach CS Fundamentals without computers (for Elementary School)


For classrooms without online computers, we’ve compiled our unplugged lessons into a stand-alone, hardware-free course. You can now teach your students the basics of computing—algorithms, binary, conditionals, and more—using basic supplies like pens, paper, and playing cards.

New videos (for all grades)


Our video library continues to grow with tutorials on topics such as How the Internet Works, Encryption, and Data. Also, did you know that computer science is changing every single industry on the planet? Here’s a video explaining how.

Third party courses and tools for CS teachers

Alongside all the resources from, we encourage teachers to check out all the amazing options provided by all the fabulous organizations that are part of this movement.

From everyone at, we hope you have a fantastic summer! And for those of you who attend our workshops, please spread the word to other teachers 🙂

Hadi Partovi