Kwanza Fund Initiative with Rewards Wireless is About Funding Innovation

Just do the math… How much is your current cellphone provider actually giving back into our community so that we can grow our own organizations to do what others just talk about? There comes a time when we must stop being willing sheep led to the financial slaughter house so that others can live large & lavish off our hard earned money and our enormous spending power.

At no time in history have we had an ability to harness our active use of technology; and the dollars we spend accessing it, towards sustaining the very programs & projects we know are lacking in those low-income neighborhoods in which single-parents and their children are living in abject poverty.

It’s simple: visit Rewards Wireless, look at the plans they offer and compare them to what you are already paying monthly for service and what you are receiving. If what we offer is equal or better, then the choice really is in your hands to become an agent of change. We can talk about it – or be about it???

And with nationwide coverage available, there are no limits on which city we can expand this fund so that as a collective group we can begin growing that self-help notion; through self-determination that many of us only talk about at the kitchen table and on our living room sofa. Contact me to see how we can get started in your city so that we can begin to grow ourselves from the inside out; and up…

The Time is Now


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