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Dear Charity Administrator,

We have just completed AmazonSmile donation disbursements for the 2016 Q2 disbursement cycle to organizations that generated the $5 minimum disbursement amount or more. IBSA, Inc. (EIN: 48-1137236) will not be receiving a donation this quarter from the AmazonSmile Foundation because your donation balance was less than the $5 minimum disbursement amount.

You can increase your organization’s donation potential by spreading the word about AmazonSmile​,​
your supporters know that their AmazonSmile shopping can support IBSA, Inc..

Also, remind your supporters to do their back-to-school shopping at and Amazon will donate to your organization. Use the following message and image below in social media, email, and on your website to tell your supporters about how they can help IBSA, Inc. when they shop for back-to-school supplies.

Support us when you shop for back-to-school items. #StartWithaSmile at and Amazon donates.

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