Fatherhood Outreach and Connecting to Child Support Webinar

Image: Capacity Building Technical Assistance Webinar Series

Fatherhood Outreach and Connecting to Child Support
September 13, 2016 | 2 pm EST

Statistics show that a father’s involvement in a child’s life increases their chance of success in life; however, many human service organizations still struggle with engaging fathers through outreach and program delivery goals that include addressing the Office of Child Support Enforcement. This session will highlight promising practices, such as those employed by the Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood Project and will give practitioners the tools needed to develop valuable relationships with Child Support and engage fathers.

Vernon Wallace, Program Manager, Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood Project, Center for Urban Families

Joseph T. Jones, Founder and CEO, Center for Urban Families
Joseph DiPrimio, Former Executive Director, Maryland Department of Human Resources Child Support Enforcement Administration

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