Benefits to Youth participating in StreetsU

  • ​An Advisor to help guide youth to opportunities and resource they would not normally have.
  • The opportunity to earn an income related to the work they are willing to put in.
  • ​Positive recognition in their community.
  • Skills learned are relevant to the current; and future world of work. 2/3 of all jobs require some knowledge in using and applying technology. WordPress is one of the leading Internet platforms used by many Fortune 500 companies for their websites.
  • Participation often leads to jobs for youth involved.
  • Great incentives are provided to youth that take the program, assignments and projects serious. Including earned computers, laptops or tablets, gift certificates, etc.
  • Limited scholarships and grants are available for youth achievers.
  • Youth participating in StreetsU have a notable increase in reading, reading comprehension, computational math, writing skills, public speaking abilities, computer use for academia and work, critical-thinking skills.