StreetsU Techpreneur Summer Camp: June – July 2017 (Topeka, KS)

In our business, it is important that we help create the next generation of WordPress builders. During our Youth Techpreneur Summer Camp we expose youth to web development by providing instruction on using the blogging platform WordPress. Youth with the enterprising spirit are offered the opportunity to learn how to generate an income from what they learn by creating profiles for pay by IBSA, Inc.

Students will learn how to login to our WordPress Site to create a profile for small businesses & nonprofits recruited as program sponsors. Our Summer Camp is limited to 12 students age 14 – 16. (exceptions are negotiable for inquisitive 13yr olds)

Students will learn how to:
– navigate around a WordPress Dashboard
– add titles, business description, contact info
– add Google Maps and/or Update an Existing Google Map
– create & add categories and/or tags, add a YouTube Videos
– post to social media sites content shared by the business owner
– use Cloud-based Apps & Extensions (mobile & desktop)

Enterprising students will be tasked to call and schedule onsite interviews with small businesses & nonprofits to gather information for the online profiles they are working on, or those of other students and to capture photos/video for their online profile. Interaction with our business clients allows our students to learn about different businesses & industries and how to communicate effectively with those outside their comfort zone, in a safe and structured environment; via email or in person.

Students wishing to continue on with the program after they complete our Summer Techpreneur Camp can join our permanent team and can earn an income creating profiles or short promotional videos for our small business sponsors throughout the year.

Youth Participants Receive:
1) StreetsU T-Shirt & Other Attire
2) Flash Drive & Notebook Binder
3) Access to Chromebook or Desktop to Complete Assignments
4) Program Advisor, Refreshments
5) Certificate of Achievement

Time Commitment:
2 days per week / 6+ weeks / Approx. 2hrs per Workshop

Academic Skills & Workplace Competencies:
Reading, Writing, Grammar & Punctuation Use,
Creative-thinking, Problem-solving, Critical-thinking
Research, Data/Information Analysis, Salesmanship
Work in a Cloud-based Environment Using Apps & Extensions

Streets University is a division of IBSA, Inc., and is not affiliated with any accredited educational institution or nonprofit, governing body or government agency. Courses are not approved for any federal loans.

Office: (913) 735-4272