Rebuilding Northeast KCK

It’s Time to Rebuild Northeast KCK!

This is our first Econ Avenue e-newsletter! Econ Avenue is a grassroots economic development initiative. Our goal is to make Northeast Kansas City Kansas develop a strong economy and a dynamic community through developing jobs, businesses and home ownership. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6pm to 8pm at First Baptist Church, on 500 Nebraska Avenue. Feel free to join us for dinner, information and committee work.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 13th. Our special speaker is Matt Kleinmann. Matt will be talking about a cool new project called the KCK Mobile Market. The KCK Mobile Market is a community health initiative designed to make fresh food more accessible and affordable for residents living in Wyandotte County. This presentation will share how the community has guided the development of this project, and where it’s going next!

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Community Announcements

Amazon Job Fairs

Wednesday, June 7 · 9am – 5pm
McKinley Elementary
1301 Armstrong · Kansas City, KS 66102

Thursday, June 8 · 9am – 5pm
Frank Rushton Elementary School
2605 W. 43rd Avenue · Kansas City, KS 66103

Wednesday, June 14 · 9am – 5pm
KCKCC Technical Center
6565 State Avenue · Kansas City, KS 66102

Thursday, June 15 · 9am – 5pm
Turner Recreation Commission
831 S. 55th Street · Kansas City, Kansas 66106

Wednesday, June 21 · 9am – 5pm
Edwardsville Community Center
696 S 3rd Street · Edwardsville, Kansas 66111

Thursday, June 22 · 9am – 5pm
White Church Elementary School
2226 N. 85th Street · Kansas City, KS 66109
*Locations subject to change

Econ Avenue Soft Skills Training

Thursday, June 22 · 1pm – 4pm
Econ Ave Soft Skills Training:Gain skills to be successful in your career
Main Library, 625 Minnesota Ave, KCK 66101

If you have community announcements that you would like to submit please email econavekck

For more information on Econ Avenue visit our website at