RFP for Reinvestment Grant and Regional Collaboration Grant – FY18

The KDOC is pleased to release the FY18 RFP for the Reinvestment Grants and the Regional Collaboration Grants. These funds are available through the Evidence-Based Programs Fund, established by the Kansas Legislature through the Juvenile Justice Reform Bill, to provide for reinvestment in community programs and practices.

The Reinvestment Grants are available to Boards of County Commissioners in each judicial district to implement evidence-based programs and practices for juvenile offenders and families. The Regional Collaboration Grants are competitive grant opportunities to support regional and inter-branch collaboration among Boards of County Commissioners to deliver services that, absent this approach, may be difficult to deliver efficiently and effectively.

Three documents are attached:

  1. The Grant RFP, which will provide details on the scope of the grants and instructions for application;
  2. Regional Collaboration Grant Budget Application; and
  3. Reinvestment Grant Budget Application

These documents will also be posted on the KDOC public website within the next few days: https://www.doc.ks.gov/juvenile-services/grants.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding the RFP.

We look forward to seeing the innovative, thoughtful, and evidence-based proposals developed to continue improving on positive outcomes for juvenile offenders and their families.

Megan Milner, MS, CPM

Director of Community Based Services

Kansas Department of Corrections – Juvenile Services

714 SW Jackson, Suite 300

Topeka, KS 66603

Office: (785) 368-7400

Reinvestment Grants RFP_FINAL.PDF
Appendix B_FY18 Regional Collaboration Grant Budget Application.xlsx
Appendix B_FY18 Reinvestment Grant Budget Application.xlsx