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ConnectHome Nation is a movement to bridge the digital divide for public housing residents in the United States under the leadership of national nonprofit EveryoneOn. By helping residents in participating communities to get connected at home and providing access to digital literacy and educational content, we aim to make public housing a platform for change.

ConnectHome Nation creates a platform for community leaders, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private industry to join together and produce locally-tailored solutions for narrowing the digital divide. Through these stakeholders’ specific commitments to provide free or low-cost broadband access, devices, and digital literacy training,

ConnectHome Nation extends affordable access to low-income families, ensuring that high-speed internet follows our children from their classrooms back to their homes.


About IBSA, Inc.

IBSA, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to be part of the resource network made available by Everyone On. Our work in the field of digital inclusion, equity & literacy speaks for itself. From public policy research, advocacy or formation, to initiating wide-area public WiFi networks… we have played a role in the creation of both connectivity policies and innovative projects that are now making a positive impact on peoples lives.



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Visit our partner EveryoneOn’s website for a list of affordable Internet, computers, and digital training providers in your ZIP







Accessing the Internet is the first step. Your family needs to know what the Internet can help them do and how to stay safe while doing it. Here are some ideas to maximize your Internet access: