The Gil Carter Initiative – Annual Banquet

As a non-profit organization, The Gil Carter Initiative Inc. would like to share a philanthropic opportunity in Topeka, Kansas. We are hosting our second annual fundraiser banquet at the Governors Row House and would greatly appreciate your support.

The mission of the Gil Carter Initiative Inc. is to enhance the development, dignity and quality of the lives of, but not limited to members of the community; through specialized education in diverse areas, focusing on socioeconomically challenged children and young adults. Giving back to our community is most valuable to us.

We hope with your collaborative partnership, we will not only begin, but continue to deliver the needed assistance to our community.

Kindly refer to our website and the attachments for more detailed information about our services. We look forward to seeing you at the banquet.

Thank you
Erma Forbes

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The Gil Carter Initiative Inc.
785 260 9195

Enhancing the lives of children through knowledge

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