Mission, Goals & Objectives


  • To provide constructive social and academic activities for youth from low to moderate income households,
  • To assist low and moderate income individuals with programs and services that helps them reach self-sufficiency,
  • To provide access to technology that help individuals prepare for the world of work,
  • To aid and assist small, minority and disadvantaged business concerns startup or expand a business venture


To prepare low-income individuals to enter the workforce,

To provide community service opportunity for youth involved with the court system, and

To help the overall business community in their efforts to create jobs from the bottom up. 

We are proud of the accomplishments we have achieved in over two-decades and we are constantly expanding our reach to meet needs in communities that can benefit from our programming and expertise.


Our objective is to meet the needs of those referred to IBSA and success for our clients is our ultimate goal.

We are eager to assist communities meet their neighborhoods economic development needs and invite you to be part of our continued success.

Phone:  (913) 735-4272  

Email:  admin@ibsa-inc.org   

Web: www.ibsa-inc.org

629 SE Quincy, Suite 102,

Topeka, KS 66603

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