2017 Black Business Banquet Sponsor – Go Topeka

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We want to give a BIG Shout-Out to GO Topeka for becoming a primary sponsor for the 2017 Black Business Banquet.


As a leader in the community, GO Topeka creates opportunities for economic growth that provide a thriving business climate and fulfilling lifestyle for Topeka and Shawnee County.

Be sure to attend on June 15th so that you can find out more on how they can help ‘your’ business startup, grow and prosper.

For more information on opportunities, progress and resources available; visit their website at:


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Black Business Banquet 2017

2017 Black Business Banquet Registration Form

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2017 Black Business Banquet Registration – Topeka KS

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Join us ​in celebration ​of Black business achievement, excellence and to recognize our collective efforts to pursue our dreams & create jobs in Topeka/Shawnee County. ​

The evening will share opportunities available through a local countywide sales-tax for economic development, information on state policies that impact local business development, and an overview on some of the challenges; and opportunities anticipated going forward.

Thursday, J​un​e 15, 2017 | 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Senate Luxury Suites
900 SW Tyler
Topeka, Kansas
Networking​   ​| ​ ​Dinner​   | ​ ​Information ​

Keynote Speaker

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Black Business Banquet 2017

2017 Black Business Banquet Registration Form

IBSA,Inc. | ​629 SE Quincy |
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A Business Building Project

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StreetsU Techpreneur Summer Camp: June – July 2017 (Topeka, KS)

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In our business, it is important that we help create the next generation of WordPress builders. During our Youth Techpreneur Summer Camp we expose youth to web development by providing instruction on using the blogging platform WordPress. Youth with the enterprising spirit are offered the opportunity to learn how to generate an income from what they learn by creating profiles for pay by IBSA, Inc.

Students will learn how to login to our WordPress Site to create a profile for small businesses & nonprofits recruited as program sponsors. Our Summer Camp is limited to 12 students age 14 – 16. (exceptions are negotiable for inquisitive 13yr olds)

Students will learn how to:
– navigate around a WordPress Dashboard
– add titles, business description, contact info
– add Google Maps and/or Update an Existing Google Map
– create & add categories and/or tags, add a YouTube Videos
– post to social media sites content shared by the business owner
– use Cloud-based Apps & Extensions (mobile & desktop)

Enterprising students will be tasked to call and schedule onsite interviews with small businesses & nonprofits to gather information for the online profiles they are working on, or those of other students and to capture photos/video for their online profile. Interaction with our business clients allows our students to learn about different businesses & industries and how to communicate effectively with those outside their comfort zone, in a safe and structured environment; via email or in person.

Students wishing to continue on with the program after they complete our Summer Techpreneur Camp can join our permanent team and can earn an income creating profiles or short promotional videos for our small business sponsors throughout the year.

Youth Participants Receive:
1) StreetsU T-Shirt & Other Attire
2) Flash Drive & Notebook Binder
3) Access to Chromebook or Desktop to Complete Assignments
4) Program Advisor, Refreshments
5) Certificate of Achievement

Time Commitment:
2 days per week / 6+ weeks / Approx. 2hrs per Workshop

Academic Skills & Workplace Competencies:
Reading, Writing, Grammar & Punctuation Use,
Creative-thinking, Problem-solving, Critical-thinking
Research, Data/Information Analysis, Salesmanship
Work in a Cloud-based Environment Using Apps & Extensions

Streets University is a division of IBSA, Inc., and is not affiliated with any accredited educational institution or nonprofit, governing body or government agency. Courses are not approved for any federal loans.

Office: (913) 735-4272

Kansas Juvenile Justice Update

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Jan 13, 2017

With the 2017 Kansas legislative session underway, we plan to send a weekly update on developments with juvenile justice reform efforts across the state. Our priorities include monitoring amendments that might be proposed to revise SB367, continuing outreach to legislative leaders to support the implementation of SB367, and serving as a resource for families and communities directly impacted by our juvenile justice system.

Kansas Juvenile Justice Reform Handbook

We have compiled a handbook that explains the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the reforms encompassed in SB367. The handbook can be found on the ‘Resources’ page of our website here. The handbook is intended to provide a general overview of why the reforms were necessary and how they will transition youth from detention facilities to evidence-based community programs focused on a full continuum of care.

Open Position on Kansas Advisory Group

The Kansas Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is looking to fill a position of a Former Justice Involved Youth. This position is to be filled by someone who formerly was justice involved as a youth, but is now an adult (18+). The position was created in order to bring to light some of the difficulties that juveniles undergo in the many phases of young adulthood—especially those who have fallen to crime. The time commitment is minimal, with meetings only 4 times per year, with paid travel and food. Click here to learn more about the board, and click here to learn about the application process.

In the News

Congratulations to Kathleen and David McKune for their article on the role of juvenile justice reform in our education system being published in the December 2016 newsletter of the Kansas Association of Counties. Click here to read more. Their letter highlights the vital need to develop comprehensive memorandums of understanding between school districts and law enforcement agencies to reduce youth referrals from schools and prevent instances of false confessions made by interrogations without parental representation.

Please send any news you think we should feature in the future to

Visit the Kansans United for Youth Justice website for resources on juvenile justice reform in Kansas, including our new handbook explaining SB367.

Kansas Appleseed
1611 St Andrews Dr
Lawrence KS 66047 United States

Legitimizing the Hustle

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Streets University
A Youth Enterprise Development Initiative

Streets University is not affiliated with any accredited educational institution, governing body or government agency. Courses are not approved for any federal loans.

What we do is give youth that are ‘go-getters’ some freedom to work when they please, earn not just minimum wage, but an income directly related to the amount of work and effort they are willing to put in.

Agency Information

629 SE Quincy
Suite 102 Topeka, KS 66603

(913) 735-4272




IBSA prepares low-income adults to enter the workforce, provides community service for youth offenders and helps small startup businesses.

FEIN: 481137236

REPORTS: Guidestar

Online Directory Created for Our Students To Learn & Earn:


Source: Legitimizing the Hustle

Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund

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By working with for-profit companies to establish win/win opportunities, we can go well beyond just relying on grants and contributions to fund programs & projects we know have value. Thanks to our 1st Sustainability PartnerRewards Wireless, we have taken up an opportunity that allows the raising of funds, that can in-turn be allotted as grants to nonprofits working on community building and uplifting lives.

Rewards Wireless - Kwanza Fund Sustainability Partner

The opportunity: The Kwanza Fund will support local projects and programs by nonprofits that provide viable employment & training opportunity; to help them purchase commercial property for training; to help make the Internet relevant and beneficial for new users; and to increase people’s digital skills.

Start Supporting the Kwanza Fund Here 

Visit and Like Us on Facebook:
Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund

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WHO IS Rewards Wireless?
Use your own or buy a compatible phone, we can help you find one (buy a phone outright or finance it with low to no down)
When you switch your T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or any other carrier over to one of our Rewards Wireless plans we will give a percentage of your bill back to your organization/charity every month you pay your bill. Our goal is to get as many lines as possible, as the more lines we get for this campaign, the more we can give to help your organization/charity.
Yes, as long as your account with your current carrier is active and in good standing they will release your number to us. You will just need your account number and security PIN when you place your order with us!
Yes, as long as it is a GSM (SIM card) cell phone from AT&T, T-Mobile, and most newer Verizon phones. Some AT&T & Verizon phones will need an unlock code which we can help you get.
Very easy, all you will need is a T-Mobile compatible phone, and you will need our SIM card which we can ship to you or we will have available to pick up in certain locations!
When you fill out the form on this page we will provide you with a code that is specific to your organization, you will need that code in order to get these discounted rates and allow us to track every account with that code to give back to your organization/charity.


No…. we are making the donation out of what most companies would keep as profit from your cell phone bill. The more lines the more we give each month!
Kwanza Fund Front

Targeted Funding For:

Skill Building
Youth Employment
Youth Enterprise
Adult Job Skill Training
Trade Skill Certification
Business Development

Reducing The New Digital Divide
Digital Literacy
Digital Life Skills
Technology Training
Increase Connectivity

Do you want or need more visitors to your website, Facebook or Twitter Page?

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Kansas Small Business Directory

Did you know that listing your business in online directories is one of the best ways to drive those searching online for products & services like yours to your website?

A basic internet search will back this up, so this shouldn’t be a hard sell, but people are often skeptical when we approach them about the Kansas Small Business Directory & US Small Business Directory to help increase their business.

Besides listing and promoting your business across all social network mediums, we work to take the mystery out of search-engine algorithms, spiders, bots and indexing; so that a business owner can focus on what they need to be doing best; making/selling products and/or providing their great service. The great thing about online directories is that they are highly indexed by those pesky bots & spiders no one ever sees, and they are often indexed on a daily and constant basis.

Kansas Small Business Directory

Today’s internet shopper is more savvy than they were twenty years ago and therefore keywords have become very important as well as their reliance on location-based searches. People looking for a particular item or service may not know a businesses name, but they do know what they are looking for and the location (city or state) that they would like to find it. Online directories generally allow for its administrators to add keywords that can increase your profile in their directory in being found; which then helps to drive interested customers to your website. The KS SmallBiz directory also automatically recognizes the city you are in, so that there is no need to extend any effort navigating to any particular city.

KS SmallBiz Screenshot
1st Page on Google when searching for a woman-owned business in Topeka


KS Small Business Directory Screenshot
1st Page on Google when searching for a woman-owned janitorial business in Topeka

As a not-for-profit organization, we don’t price our directory to make a huge profit, but we do maintain it as a marketing tool and promotional resource to help drive customers to businesses that support our charitable efforts. For $120.00 per year you can list your business in our Kansas Online Directory and we will add your business information for free to our US Small Business Directory or Ujamaa Club Network; both of which serving as an additional SEO Booster when it comes to online search engines and algorithms they use.

KS SmallBiz Directory Screenshot
1st Page on Google when searching for a Hispanic supermarket in Topeka

If you think our offer is of interest to you and you want us to help promote your business to over 80,000 (and growing) potential customers throughout our social media network, contact with us by email or phone to get more information or to set an appointment to learn more. We would love to have your business listed and as a matter of fact; it is standard for us to make referrals of business to our supporting members, clients and partners.

Kansas Small Business Directory

(913) 735-4272 (Technical Assistance)

(785) 383-3729 Phillip Vallejo (Account Executive)

Special Categories:

Midwest Barter Exchange, Tradebank of Topeka & Wichita, Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned

Other Targeted Online Directories:

Ujamaa Club Business Network

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